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How Sustainable We Ourselves Are
CHI 2009 Workshop Paper

Principle Authors: Jennifer Allen | Alex Zhu

Additional Authors: James Pierce | Hyewon Gim | Kristin Hanks | Balakrishna Chennupati | William Odom | David Roedl | Shruti Bhandari | Eli Blevis


This paper describes the results of an on-line survey which received 169 responses from the CHI community. The survey explored the CHI community's attitudes and behaviors towards environmental sustainability as it relates to technology. Although the respondents were likely a self-selecting group, the results are of interest to our community as a kind of pulse taking for the most concerned among us. The majority of the participants reported great concern regarding the issue of environmental sustainability. In addition, the majority of participants support and engage in sustainable practices in relation to technology in their personal lives. Nonetheless, the implementation of sustainable practices into the work of an HCI researcher or practitioner appears to be a challenge. This paper motivates several questions, such as in which specific practices should an HCI practitioner engage to support sustainability and how can such practices be effectively integrated into her or his work?

Research Methods Used:

  • Literature Review
  • National Online Survey
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Affinity Diagramming


I completed the statistical analysis, quantitative analysis, and affinity diagramming. I was the primary author of the paper.


How Sustainable We Ourselves Are

Workshop Website:

Defining the Role of HCI in the Challenges of Sustainability


Dr. Eli Blevis

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